Sneakers filled with Holy Water sell for $3,000.

When Jesus blesses a shoe, it gets sold out in minutes! A one of its kind limited-edition holy water-filled sneakers went out of stock within a few minutes and that too at a colossal price of USD 3,000.

The distinctive pair of white Nike Air Max 97s termed “Jesus Shoes” are manufactured by a Brooklyn-based creative label MSCHF and the USP of the shoe is that it was injected with holy water from the Jordan River.

If you think that it’s only the holy water that soared up the price tag, then take a look at another feature of the kicks. The shoes also have the Bible verse Matthew 14:25 — the passage describing Jesus walking on water — at the side of the show along with a single blood drop to represent the blood of Christ.

Some other religious insights include the frankincense-scented insoles, a crucifix threaded through the laces, and a red sole, which references the red shoes traditionally worn by past Popes.

When the shoe is religious, so has to be its package! The shoebox also displays an angel and a seal resembling the official papal seal.

'Jesus Shoe': $3,000 Sneakers Filled With Holy Water Sell Out In Minutes

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