South Africa Opens an Insect Restaurant

Gourmet Grubb, the company which brought South Africa  bug ice cream, has dipped into the realm of ‘savory’, opening a pop-up bug restaurant called the The Insect Experience – believed to be South Africa’s first all-insect restaurant.

Business Insider South Africa got a preview of bug-inspired meals designed by chef Mario Barnard, who first started cooking with bugs after a trip to Thailand where he was encouraged to eat tarantulas and scorpions.

“They were a little bit hard for me to eat. But, since I started experimenting with [insect-based] powders and messing with the food and hiding in it in a kind of gourmet way, I’ve found its a much easier way to eat,” said Barnard.

“We try to present it as visual as possible to Westerns to make it easy to eat.”

Jay Caboz
Chickpea black fly larvae croquettes. Garnished with basil dressing with dried meal worms.

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