Fish Dying from Bourbon after Fire at Jim Beam Warehouse

There has been a large-scale fish die-off in the Kentucky River in the US after run-off from a fire at a local Jim Beam warehouse seeped into a nearby creek.

The fire broke out last week after a suspected lightning strike in the area and destroyed approximately 45,000 barrels of alcohol. Firefighters tried to hold back on using water to put out the blaze, knowing that run-off could trickle into a local creek and poison the river with bourbon.

Unfortunately, that seems to have happened anyway. On Sunday, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet released a statement saying the run-off has extended 23 miles down the Kentucky River. “We continue to see dead and dying fish. People using the Kentucky River in the area of the plume will likely see and smell dead fish,” the statement read. “We expect the plume to dissipate quickly at it enters the much, much larger body of water but there could be some impact to aquatic life immediately where the two rivers meet.”

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