Woman Dies from Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Florida

A woman died of a flesh-eating bacteria two weeks after cutting her leg in the waters off Anna Maria Island in Florida.

Carolyn Fleming fell into a small dip in the water at the barrier island’s Coquina Beach, near St. Petersburg, on Friday, June 14. The fall left her with a cut on her left leg. The couple and their two children, Jonathan and Jensen, were spending the week with her after traveling from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Lynn Fleming is originally from. It had always been her dream to live in Florida, her daughter-in-law said.

Lynn Fleming exited the water on Friday with a three-quarter-inch cut and a bump on her shin, Traci Fleming said, but the severity of the wound dramatically escalated throughout that weekend. She showed no symptoms that Friday or the following morning, when her family left. But by Saturday afternoon, she told them she was in pain. On Sunday, her leg was red and swollen and her friends forced her to go to an urgent care facility, where she received a tetanus shot and an antibiotic. A day later, her left shin was black.

“Her friends found her pretty much unconscious and on her bedroom floor,” Traci Fleming said. “They called an ambulance.” On Monday, June 17, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, an often deadly infection commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria. On June 27, Lynn Fleming died after suffering two strokes and organ failure during surgeries to save her leg, Traci Fleming said. She was 77.

Image: Lynn Fleming and her grandchildren.

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