Sunscreen Bottle Turns Blue when Exposed to UV

When the sun is scorching and the pool (or alternate body of water) is beckoning, how do you enjoy yourself without worrying about the wellbeing of your skin?  You’ll need a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection that won’t wear off throughout the day.  If you bring along Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, with mineral (not chemical) UV protection, you’ll remember to reapply every time you see the bottle.

There’s a great deal of smarts inside the bottle as well. Blue Lizard’s Sensitive sunscreen formula packs a one-two punch of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, reflecting harmful sunlight before it has a chance to penetrate the lower layers. These active ingredients are present in much higher concentrations than in most chemical sunscreens, which typically prevent your skin from burning but do little to protect it from the longer wavelengths of light that can cause cellular damage and photo aging. Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are responsible for the infamous white goop that can sometimes lend the pallor of a corpse. Blue Lizard has microionized the ingredients so that the formula blends into the skin more readily and forms an even barrier against UV rays.

One of the coolest things about this sunscreen is that the bottle turns blue when exposed to UV light rays. So if the bottle is turning blue, lather up so that you don’t turn red!

Image result for blue lizard sunscreen turns blue

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