Sen. Mitch McConnell selling ‘Cocaine Mich’ T-Shirts

“Cocaine Mitch” became a catchphrase during 2018’s political season. Now, Mitch McConnell’s team has turned what was meant to be an insulting accusation into a marketable item.

The catchphrase started in 2018 when former coal-executive-turned-political-hopeful Don Blankenship referenced the discovery of cocaine packages on a ship owned by the father of Elaine Chao. Chao, in addition to her role as Secretary of Transportation, is McConnell’s wife. After Blankenship’s loss, Mitch’s crew photoshopped his image onto the poster for Netflix’s hit show “Narcos.”

Continuing to ride the branding, Team Mitch is now selling “Cocaine Mitch” t-shirts to allow fans to be a part of the Senate Majority Leader’s “cartel.”

Image result for cocaine mitch narcos

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