Nicolas Cage Claims he was too Intoxicated to understand his Marriage

In his filing for an annulment of his four-day marriage, actor Nicolas Cage claimed he was too intoxicated when he agreed to wed Erika Koike, according to a new report.

The “Face/Off” star, who filed for an annulment on Wednesday, alleges he “lacked understanding of his actions in marrying [Koike] to the extent that he was incapable of agreeing to the marriage.” Us Weekly reported, citing court documents.

“Prior to obtaining a marriage license and participating in a marriage ceremony, [they] were both drinking to the point of intoxication,” the court papers state.

The docs further claim that “as a result of his intoxication, when [Koike] suggested to [Cage] that they should marry, [he] reacted on impulse and without the ability to recognize or understand the full impact of his actions.” In addition, Cage, 55, alleged in the court papers that Koike did not disclose “the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person,” as well as “the full nature and extent of her criminal history,” which allegedly includes “additional active criminal proceedings.”


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