YouTuber Logan Paul wants to cross Antarctica to prove Flat Earth Theory

YouTube star Logan Paul is hopping on the flat-Earth theory and he’s hoping to be the person to prove it with a visit to Antarctica. Paul, 23, attended the recent Flat Earth International Conference in Denver and spoke to the event’s founder Robbie Davidson, expressing his desire to see what flat Earthers believe is the edge of the world. “I am that guy that will make it to the edge,” he says.

During Paul’s conversation with Davidson, the controversial YouTube celebrity talked about his thoughts on a flat Earth, saying that he’s “a man of truth.” “I think I’m coming out of the Flat Earth closet,” he continues, adding that he wants to know the facts before proclaiming himself as a supporter of the movement. “The fact that we haven’t been to the moon in over 50 years, the fact that the moon emits its own light. Some of the best scientists can’t explain gravity; Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, in the end, do they even know?”

Paul is not the only one planning a trek to Antarctica to check out what the edge of the planet looks like. Davidson and a massive group of flat-Earthers will be going on a cruise to Antarctica in 2020.

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