Netflix new Interactive Series with Bear Grylls

Netflix is adding another interactive series, this time an adventure show, You vs. Wild, with Bear Grylls.

You vs. Wild is an 8-episode series with the survival expert Bear Grylls as presenter. Viewers are presented with several multiple choice decisions in each episode that will determine how his adventures unfold and whether he succeeds or fails.

In You vs. Wild, a play on the Bear Grylls series Man vs. Wild he presented on the Discovery Channel for 7 seasons, the viewer makes all the decisions to see whether Bear Grylls ultimately succeeds or fails in his quests around the world. Decision options include what Bear eats.

“Dense jungles, towering mountains, brutal deserts, and mysterious forests await, with tough decisions around every corner,” says Netflix in a statement.

“I’m so proud to deliver this first-of-its-kind live-action interactive series, really giving viewers an all-access pass to explore the world and its landscapes in my boots. The stakes are high in this one!” says Bear.

You vs. Wild is executive produced by Bear Grylls, Chris Grant, Drew Buckley, Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, Rob Buchta, and Delbert Shoopman, with director Ben Simms and Electus, A Propagate Company, and Bear Grylls Ventures as the production companies.

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