Best Friend Pleads Guilty, pushing friend off 60ft high Bridge

A TEEN has pleaded guilty to pushing her 16-year-old friend from a 60ft bridge at a popular swimming area near Vancouver.

Taylor Smith, 18, shoved her pal Jordan Holgerson, 16, into the Lewis River in Vancouver, Washington, leaving her with five cracked ribs and punctured a lung.

Taylor Smith, 19, pleaded guilty to misdemeanour reckless endangerment in Clark County District Court, according to reports.

She faced a year in prison but after striking a plea deal the prosecutor recommended no jail time.
Instead it is likely she will be ordered to do community service and electronic monitoring that would leave her confined to her home.

Footage has emerged showing the preceding moments before the push and show Jordan saying “stop” and “wait” repeatedly before the horrifying events.

Image result for gif best friend pushes girl off bridge

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