Russell Brand Wins Baking Off with Cookies of his Wifes ‘Privates’

BAKE Off viewers were left in fits of laughter tonight after Russell Brand WON the show by baking biscuits of his wife Laura Gallacher giving birth.

The 43-year-old comic unveiled the pastry masterpiece – which incorporated a vagina shortbread – inspired by his wife as his ‘show stopper’ on the Stand Up To Cancer charity special.

One fan wrote: “Is Russell brand seriously making a Vagina biscuit on bake off 😂😂😂 im pmsl.”

Another roared: “Russell making a vagina biscuit is TV gold #SU2C #GBBO.”

A third insisted: “Russell is making a vagina out of biscuits and John Lithgow is doing Yoda’s voice for Noel Fielding. Never would have happened on the BBC.”

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