Apex Legends has 50 Million Players after just a Month

As recently as 12 February, Apex Legends boasted 25 million players worldwide but that’s already doubled to 50 million. That represents a faster rate of growth than Fortnite, although that’s not an entirely fair comparison as Fortnite Battle Royale didn’t really become a monster hit until early 2018 – despite being launched in autumn 2017. Apex Legends was a hit from the very first day though and so it’s difficult to tell how far it might still have to go and whether it can unseat Fortnite by the end of it all.

Fortnite is estimated to have around 200 million players worldwide, although it does have the advantage of being on more platforms than Apex Legends. On Twitch the two games are more or less neck and neck in terms of viewers, with Apex Legends benefitting from a purposefully esports-friendly design.

The next big milestone for Apex Legends will be the start of its first season and battle pass, both ideas taken straight from Fortnite – which isn’t surprising as that’s where all the money is made.
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