Man Glues himself to Homemade Table

A bloke in Perth found himself in a pickle after “accidentally” supergluing himself to a homemade coffee table.

Taking to a popular Perth reddit, the bloke was looking for some advice on what to do if someone was “stuck.”

“Well I wanted a nice shiny coffee bar counter top, so I cut and sanded and stained it all nice, and I applied a coat of epoxy resin (Thursday) night,” the Reddit post reads.

“It’s supposed to set hard in 24 hours. So tonight after having a shower I came to check on it, and I rapped my fingers on it and it sounded like hard plastic, so I thought it was set.

“I was curing it in the living room because it’s the least dusty place.

“Anyway I just happened to sit down on it while I was reading the (instructions) that came with the epoxy, wondering if I should give it another coat.

“When I was done reading the instructions, I went to stand up, and couldn’t.”

One user suggested pickle juice as a way to help the man, which luckily he had some in the fridge.

“The gods are good and kind, I made it to the fridge where the pickles were, and made it back. The gherkin juice is actually working, very slowly,” the man provided an update.

“I managed to pull myself off, my ass hurts like hell and I’m more exhausted than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m going to bed.”

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