New Flat Wine Bottle – Shaking up the Wine Industry

A British company, Garçon Wines, is tackling a bastion of the wine industry – the look and feel of a traditional glass wine bottle.

While they are “revolutionising wine delivery and improving the retailing, logistics and eco-friendliness of wine”, Garçon Wines has been busy spreading the word about their new solution to an ancient problem – the packaging and transportation of wine across the globe.

In a statement, Santiago Navarro, CEO & Co-Founder of Garçon Wines said: “The problems stemming from an unsuitable primary pack – a 19th century wine bottle – are amplified into secondary packaging that is equally, or arguably excessively, unsuitable. Excessive use of packaging at a time when we need to be more resource efficient is unsustainable.”

Navarro continued on his philosophy, ” Wine is a uniquely engaging product with a high emotional connection. It, therefore,provides a unique platform from where to communicate a change in the way we do things to help mitigate against a climate change catastrophe and create a more sustainable economy.”

They have a devised a thin, slim and flat plastic wine bottle that not only looks refreshingly modern but is also revolutionizing how wine gets from the vineyard to your home. First punted as “letterbox friendly”, the slim 750ml wine bottle is both familiar while introducing a modern edge that seems to invoke a family tree of Apple i-ancestors. It seems part iPhone and part hip flask.

The Bordeaux bottle is their signature shaped bottle, with broad shoulders that echo the traditional French style of glass bottles. The Garçon bottle however has a long list of benefits, which sets it apart from the older format of wine bottle. The shape at first is a bit odd, and one can’t help but wonder how it would fit in the hand of the pourer.

It is a little taller than a traditional glass bottle, but the volume remains unchanged at 750ml. The plastic itself is made from 100% recycled PET (available in traditional olive green, amber or light pink tints), which makes the bottle up to 87% lighter than glass packaging, coming in at a mere 63g.

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