Girl has Scalp Ripped off in Freak Farm Accident

Kushpreet Kaur, aged nine, had her entire scalp and forehead sheared off when her hair got caught in a tractor’s crop spraying mechanism in rural India.

The shock incident happened on November 10 when the young girl was riding on top of her uncle’s tractor in Dharampura village in Punjab. Her uncle was watering an orange orchard when he discovered his niece covered in blood and missing her scalp.

She was initially rushed to her local hospital but later transferred to the Cosmo Super Speciality Hospital in Bathinda to undergo complex plastic surgery for eight hours to reattach her scalp. The surgery was performed by Dr Raman Goyal. He said: “Khushpreet’s complete scalp and the skin of her forehead had peeled off in the accident. “As soon as she was brought in we decided to conduct micro vascular repair of the scalp and reattach the same.”

The young girl spent 20 days recovering following the surgery in intensive care and has now fully recovered and is beginning to grow her hair back.

Image result for indian girl scalped in farm accident

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