Ariana Grande tries to Correct Misspelled Tattoo

Ariana Grande went into damage control, trying to fix her misspelled tattoo but it seems to just be worse now.

ICYMI, the hitmaker unveiled a new tattoo on the palm of her hand that was supposed to say ‘7 Rings’ in Japanese, but instead translated to tiny barbecue.

On Thursday, Ariana revealed that she had suffered through pain to add more characters that she thought would fix the problem. The added Japanese character is in the wrong place thus changing the meaning once again and to something else.

Sharing a conversation, she had with her Japanese tutor in a since deleted IG post, the 25-year-old revealed she was advised to add the character for “finger” in between and above the original tattoo, to change the meaning to “Seven finger circle” which in effect means “7 rings”.

But in the unveiling of the updated tattoo, which has now also been deleted, it appears the character was placed directly underneath the character for seven instead of above and in between. The placement of the symbol makes no sense when reading it in Japanese as the language it read vertically from top to bottom as well as right to left.

Thus, Ariana’s tattoo now translates to “Japanese BBQ finger”.

Image result for ariana grande japanese tattoo

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