Bullies call her “Purple People Eater”

Kiana Smith is a normal woman just like anyone….except for one thing. She was born with one of the rarest birthmarks known to man. This birthmark is known as a port wine stain and it is massive. It stretches from one side of her face to the other and makes it down into her neck and chest area. As you may have guessed, she endured a fair amount of ridicule growing up.

She received a series of demeaning nicknames and was even referred to as the “purple people eater”. Kiana has since undergone a series of surgeries in hopes of reducing the birthmark’s size. Laser treatment has also been administered to the area. The surgeries have helped significantly. She no longer has to carry around the same bulk on her face that she was once accustomed to.

The root cause of the port wine stain birthmark is an outward growth of blood vessels. When these vessels continue in a manner that is unchecked, these birthmarks are created as a result. These growths never go away entirely and she has finally accepted it. Kiana does not allow the birthmark to keep her from living life in the manner that she desires.

Kudos to her for not allowing the birthmark to seize control of her life. She has certainly come a long way since childhood, hasn’t she? Kiana knows that people are going to stare but in her mind, that is their problem and not hers. We are inclined to agree! Kiana has even become an ambassador for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

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