Biggest Great White Shark, Hawaii

THE biggest Great White shark on the planet has been spotted off the coast of Hawaii devouring the carcass of a dead sperm whale. Brave divers leapt into the water to take pictures with the enormous 2.5 ton predator nicknamed Deep Blue.

Measuring at 20 feet long, the 50-year-old shark dwarfed the divers as they swam side-by-side. The beautiful ocean beast was last caught on camera almost 2,600 miles away off the coast of Mexico in July 2018. Divers Mark Mohler and Kimberly Jeffries were able to identify her as Deep Blue thanks to a tag she was implanted with when she appeared at another spot near Mexico two decades ago. Marine experts also recognised the unique markings on her body.

Image result for great white deep blue

Image result for great white deep blue

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