Hack to keep Avocado Ripe for Days

Avocados are a staple in many people’s fridges, but unfortunately the popular fruit tends to go brown just a day or two after they’re purchased.

But it has now been revealed that there is a very simple and easy trick to keep avocados fresh for days – and all it requires is a bit of coconut oil.

According to one quick-thinking avocado lover, simply brushing some melted coconut oil onto the flesh of an avocado will prevent it from browning and allow you to keep cut avocado on-hand for days – rather than having to eat it within hours.

‘Brush melted coconut oil over your avocado to keep it sealed,’ the woman revealed on Facebook, while sharing a picture of her own avocado to prove just how well the trick works.

Though simple, the trick has wowed the internet, with many people praising the woman for her clever hack.

Image result for avocado

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