Super Blood Moon Eclipse coming in January

On the night of Sunday, January 20, a full lunar eclipse will be visible in the UK, Europe and North America. It will also appear to be tinted ever-so-slightly red, which is why it’s called a blood moon. A blood moon occurs when there is a lunar eclipse – which means Earth has wedged itself tween the sun and the moon.

The moon has no light source of its own and simply reflects the light of the sun, so when Earth blocks this out it will not shine. It appears red as Earth’s atmosphere filters and scatters the sun’s light. Now, this is all caused by the fact that Earth, the moon and the sun follow predictable paths through space. But that explanation isn’t enough for some of the wilder minds of the internet who think God is somehow sending us a sign that the apocalypse is imminent.

What is a 'blood moon'? See story SCIENCE Eclipse. Infographic from PA Graphics

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