Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is flooded with snapshots of nature supplying some accidental humor at its own expense. 2018 is no different.

Forty-one finalists across eight categories were whittled down to just 14 winning and highly commended photos and one video. The winners of this year’s coveted awards range from dancing bears to peeking owls – and they’re all pretty hilarious.

The overall winner award was handed to Mary McGowan for her shot of a surprised-looking squirrel titled “Caught in the Act,” which also swept the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award and the Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Award.

The competition works alongside the Born Free Foundation to promote wildlife conservation through a positive and funny message.

Click here to see the other hysterical winners from this year’s competition.

Overall winner “Caught in the Act”
Highly Commended “Tango”
Highly Commended “This is Sparta”

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