Mom’s Cake for 6 year old looks Obscene

A mother lovingly made a crystal themed birthday cake for her son’s sixth birthday – but it ended up looking like a sparkly vagina. Mum-of-two Kate created gold vanilla sponge cake designed to look like a geode for her son Finlay Kirven, who loves crystals, on Monday. Kate spent two hours making and decorating the geode cake which featured a split on one side decorated with gold glitter and black and white sugar crystals. It was only when the 36-year-old stood back to take a picture that she realised her amazing cake actually looked like a crystallised vagina. Of course, Finlay is far too young to understand and was delighted with his cake – despite family members trying not to laugh as he blew out the candles. Kate from Oxted, Surrey, said: ‘I was in the kitchen baking away and it didn’t occur to me what it looked like.

‘I was in the zone and so involved in what I was doing trying to get the crystals to stay put. It was quite intricate work so I didn’t take a proper look. ‘I stepped back to take a picture to send to my husband and I suddenly realised what it looked like. I was like “oh heck”. ‘I thought I was making Finlay a geode and then I thought “oh no I’ve made him a sparkly vagina”. ‘My husband had a laugh and said “it will be fine, he won’t know what it is”. ‘Finlay was delighted, he didn’t know what it was. He’s only six so he thought I’d made him a cake of his favourite rock – he thought it was brilliant. ‘When he’s 18 he might look at it differently.’





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