78 Million Played ‘Fornite’ in August

Everyone and their cat knows that Fortnite is big, very big. However, the number Epic threw out recently still left me stunned. The developer announced in a recent post that over 78 million gamers played Fortnite in August. A whopping 78.3 million to be exact. This marks the game’s biggest month yet and with Season 6 coming soon, it is sure to increase even more in September. Just recently, a mysterious cube turned a lake all bouncy. There’s always something new and awesome coming to the game, which keeps players interested. Speaking of that, there might be something huge happening soon. Fortnite’s Season 6 kicks off on 27 September and with that mysterious cube event as well as a Balloon item, as per a leak, we could be in for a treat.

Image result for fortnite

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