Man Accidentally Shoots himself in Chuck E. Cheese

A 22-year-old man was hospitalized after he accidentally shot himself in a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in Tacoma, Washington.

The shooting happened about 5:20 p.m. in the restaurant at 4911 Tacoma Mall Blvd. “A bunch of people start running down towards the end and then they said somebody has a gun, so everybody starts running,” said Nick Jones.

Nick’s father, Larry Jones, said he tried to help the man who shot himself. “Then we figured out that was a gunshot, and then people starting panicking.” Tacoma police said the man shot himself in the leg and no one else in the restaurant was wounded. Some parents here are concerned and angry that the man took his gun into a restaurant that caters to kids and clearly asks patrons to keep firearms out. The man had a concealed-carry permit so he was carrying the gun legally, police said. The only recourse the restaurant may have is a civil suit.

Image result for chuck e cheese tacoma shooting

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