‘Blaze Pizza’ Voted Best Pizza in the USA

The Harris Poll, a nationwide customer survey of their favorite brands, has released its 2018 results. The poll surveyed more than 77,000 customers in the U.S. on more than 3,000 brands to find which companies are the favorites among consumers. Respondents weighed in on everything from printers to pizza, and the results are surprising. The winner for Best Pizza was Blaze Pizza.

Compared to the other food-related brands, Blaze Pizza is still in their infancy. The company started in 2011, but has quickly spread to 35 states, Canada, and Kuwait. The name comes from the speed at which the restaurant has your pizza ready, with the average cook time around three minutes. LeBron James became an investor in 2012.

Image result for blaze pizza

Image result for blaze pizza

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