Woman Blocked from Social Media because of Offensive Name

A woman has been blocked from creating social media accounts after it was deemed her last name was too “offensive”. Natalie Weiner attempted to create a social media account but when she put her last name into the correct field, she received a message saying “offensive language discovered in the last name field”.

Weiner posted this on Twitter. Her tweet has had close to 60,000 likes and more than 11,000 shares. But she’s not the first one who has struck issues trying to set up online accounts. Weiner was flooded with numerous replies from people whose names are too rude for the internet. A man called Philip Sporn commented: “When I got my computer I had to set my last name as ‘Spron’ because Sporn contains offensive language”. Someone called Ben Schmuch said: “Happens to me all the time”.

Image result for offensive language discovered in last field

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