Father does not Call Help as 8-year-old Son Overdoses on Meth

Police say an Indiana man did not get help for his young son after the boy accidentally ingested crystal meth. Detectives said the eight-year-old ate his father’s meth, thinking it was cereal. Officials say the amount consumed was enough to kill a grown man. In fact, it was 180 times the lethal limit. Eight-year-old Curtis Collman was in second grade.

According to documents on June 21, the boy told his father he was hungry. That’s when detectives believe the child started eating what he thought was cereal on a plate. Instead he was eating his father’s crystal meth. Prosecutors say that his father, who should have come to his aid, did just the opposite. They claim Collman threatened his friend at gunpoint if she called for help, and stopped his own parents from calling 911 too. By the time they were able to, it was too late. Meanwhile, the boy was having seizures and convulsing.

Collman’s previous record includes trafficking and sexual misconduct with a minor. He’d also taken police on a high speed chase. Thursday he asked for a bond reduction so he can wait for trial at home. Prosecutors are asking for the maximum penalty of 50 years. Authorities said they will fight to keep Collman behind bars. He also faces charges for pointing a firearm, theft, and failure to register as a sex offender.


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