Most Popular Tattoo Designs of 2018

A Tattoodo expert revealed: “Right now it seems like the details make the difference.

“With realism as the number one trend – and fine line and dot work in the top five – letting the tattoo artists be artists and express themselves through ink and skin seems to be the number one trend.”

1. Realism – Tattoo fans are loving designs that mimic real life people and objects. While some go for detailed portraits, others stun with 3D designs.

2. Blackwork – The process of building black ink up to create moody and striking pieces.

3. Fine line – These minimalistic tattoos are best for those wanting a subtle design.

4. Black and grey – Many are incorporating shades of grey into their black tattoos. This creates better depth and a more realistic vibe.

5. Dot work – These artsy styles can be as detailed or simple as you like. The dots provide a softer take on linear tatts.

6. Watercolour – Paint splatters and drips can transform the body into your very own canvas.

7. Neo-traditional – These styles draw inspiration from Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences.

8. Traditional – From skulls to roses, traditional tattoos are likely to go out of fashion any time soon.

9. Japanese – Ink fans have been drawn to designs that incorporate Japanese folklore.

10. Illustrative – These inkings look like they have been drawn by a pencil or pen, not a tattoo gun.

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