Serial Killer Served EX-Lovers Remains at Neighborhood BBQ

In a new television documentary, authorities allege that a serial killer and her husband chopped up and killed her former lover and then served his remains at a neighborhood barbecue in 2014. Investigation Discovery’s “Dead North” shared the story of Kelly Cochran, a Michigan woman who was sentenced to life in prison in the death of her former boyfriend Chris Regan. Regan disappeared in 2014.

Neighbors and friends said that shortly after the disappearance, the couple served up a strange tasting meat. It wasn’t until years later that anyone suspected it may have been human. Despite speaking with the couple back in 2014 after learning of the extramarital affair, detectives said Regan’s case eventually went cold. That is until Jason Cochran’s death several years later. It was only then that investigators learned of the couple’s strange wedding night pact.

Kelly Cochran told investigators the couple had agreed to murder anyone they became romantically involved with. In 2014, that happened to be Regan, but it apparently didn’t sit well with Kelly Cochran who ultimately killed her husband because they’d murdered her ex-lover. In all, it’s believed that the couple killed at least nine people together. As for who those other victims are, detectives said that is another mystery. Cochran claimed she had “friends” who are buried in several states, including Tennessee, but never revealed where or who. Kelly Cochran was sentenced to life in prison for Regan’s murder. Additional time was also added after she confessed in her husband’s case.

Image result for kelly cochran

Image result for kelly cochran

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