Bizarre Art Show Featuring Giant Mounds of Poop

A bizarre collection of artwork displaying giant mounds of poo has gone on show in a museum in The Netherlands. But visitors can only admire the art in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam if they dress up in special naked suits with saggy boobs or hanging penises.

Austrian art collective Gelatin, who are behind the bizarre collection, say this is because it is ‘not easy to get people out of their clothes’. Thomas Urban said: ‘You can stop being yourself and literally crawl into someone else’s skin to your heart’s content. You can even change gender or skin colour.’ The artwork includes several giant heaps of poo in various shapes and sizes which visitors can only admire if they wear one of the 101 different naked suits offered by the collective.

Bizarre Poop Artwork On Show In Museum

Bizarre Poop Artwork On Show In Museum






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