Trendy Summer Baby Names

It can take months for parents to decide on possible baby names. While some like to keep things traditional, others look for inspiration in more unlikely places.  In the lead up to the hottest months of the year, it’s likely that parents will start being drawn to more summery options.

Summer inspired baby names that are trending in 2018:

1. Pearl – the birthstone of June

2. Solana – Spanish name meaning “sunshine”

3. Aidan – Gaelic name meaning “little fire”

4. Iris – A flower that blooms all summer long

5. Kyra – Persian name meaning “sun”

6. Julian – Inspired by the month July

7. Cain – Welsh name meaning “clear water”

8. Cyrus – Persian name meaning “sun”

9. Leo – A star sign that falls between July and August

10. Dayton – English name meaning “bright and sunny town”


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