Riverdale Season 3

Both The CW and Netflix have confirmed that Riverdale has been renewed for a third season. An exact release date has not yet been confirmed, but the hit show is set to return in Fall 2018. Riverdale posted on Twitter: “Riverdale Season 3 returns Wednesdays this fall on The CW!” It is expected the CW show will return in October, which would follow suit from the previous seasons.

Season two of Riverdale had a massive 22 episodes. While not confirmed yet, season three will likely have around the same amount due to its popularity.

Season two came to a dramatic end this week as Jughead Jones survived his encounter with the Ghoulies. The identity of the second Black Hood has been revealed, and Archie has confronted Hiram Lodge. Hermione Lodge also won the mayoral election, meaning her husband and mobster Hiram is now in a powerful position in Riverdale. Riverdale loves a good murder-mystery plot, which could be expected in season three.


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