Fans Call for Mike Tyson to Make a Comeback

Iron Mike is a legend of the sport. Having not fought for over ten years, a comeback seems unlikely. But after footage of a younger Tyson unleashing a spectacular one-punch knockout went viral online, fans believe the 51-year-old could still have what it takes.

The clip shows him taking on Eddie Richardson in a 1985 bout at the Romada-Houston Hotel, US. In it, Tyson bursts out of his corner at the sound of the first bell as Richardson retreats for the sanctuary of the ropes.  But Richardson’s defenses are breached with the very first punch of the fight as Tyson faints to the left before throwing an enormous right-hand hook. The blow is too much for Richardson to handle and Tyson is declared winner in just his twelfth professional fight. After footage of his exploits against Richardson went viral on Reddit, boxing fans have called for Tyson to get back in the ring once again. “I bet he can still do that,” one wrote.  “Still the baddest man on the planet. Even now, he’d put heavyweights to shame,” another added.




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