Tribute Tattoo Blunder

A mortifying photo proves why you should always think before you ink. When a man decided to get his shoulder tattooed, the result probably wasn’t what he was hoping for. The unfortunate design, which is meant to be a family tribute, looks a lot ruder than intended.  Reddit user Derrick Prose uploaded a picture of the awkward inking online. The tatt appears to be a sign of a man’s devotion to his family. It reads “my sister’s protector” and includes an infinity symbol. But unfortunately, some people believe they’ve spotted something X-rated in the snap.

There has been a lot of debate about what is at the centre of the tattoo, but no one knows what it is for sure. One Redditor confessed: “I saw penis.” Another agreed: “It looks like a (very small) d*** to me.”  Others interpreted the illustration in equally explicit fashion. A commenter asked: “Is that a bullet, a ‘magic bullet’ if you know what I mean, a tampon or the tip of a cake decorator?” Another said: “I thought it was supposed to be a condom and was really struggling with that concept.” A third admitted: “Looks like a f****** tampon.”


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