NASA Covered Up “Planet X” for 30 years

Doomsayers have long thought that a huge mystical alien world called Nibiru – or Planet X – is hurtling through space and will appear in our skies this year.  The planet will wipe out most of mankind, believers warn. NASA has thoroughly debunked the Nibiru myth – but some claim this is a cover-up to stop people panicking and save space in protective bunkers. A former scientist at the US Geological Survey has sensationally claimed he has broken a confidentiality agreement to warn humanity about the danger of the approaching planet. Dr Ethan Trowbridge worked for more than 10 years at the US government agency, learning about the imminent catastrophe posed by the planet Nibiru, which he claims consists of a brown dwarf star and seven planets.

According to Dr Trowbridge, the USGS and NASA were aware of the approach of this planet at least thirty years ago and together with other state bodies, entered into a criminal conspiracy to hide the existence of the planet.

Fears of a looming apocalypse reached new heights last year as Christian prophets and conspiracy theorists proclaimed the end is nigh. Mythical planet Nibiru was at the centre of these fears. It was supposed to appear in September, but its apparent arrival date has been revised to later this year. Many people claim to have seen the so-called “intruder planet”, with amateur photos and videos appearing online.   There has been no official confirmation of its arrival and Nasa’s only statement read: “‘Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax.


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