Food to get you in the Mood for Valentines

It’s said to be the most romantic day of the year, and now a food expert has revealed the foods that are guaranteed get you in the mood for love on Valentine’s Day. Forget oysters and chocolate, however, as there are other little-known libido-boosting foods that will make you feel sexy on Wednesday.
There ingredients will spice up your love life:

Chili – There’s something incredibly sexy about chili. It increases blood flow courtesy of its key component, capsaicin, which gives the chili its fiery heat.

Red Wine – There is evidence to suggest that red wine is the perfect aphrodisiac. Red wine contains the powerful antioxidant, resveratrol, which heightens blood flow and increases arousal.

Avocado – The buttery creaminess of the avocado is rich in Vitamin E as well as Vitamin B9 which are vital for keeping our energy levels high. Incidentally, the avocado has had a sexy reputation as an aphrodisiac as far back as the Aztecs.

Salmon – Salmon is a true aphrodisiac powerhouse as it is rich in Omega-3, which helps increase those all-important serotonin levels which in turn improves our mood and sexual desire.

Figs –  Slice into a fresh fig and you’ll see why they’re considered one of the sexiest and most sensuous fruits as its center is considered to resemble the most intimate part of a woman’s anatomy.  Figs are also one of the most ancient fruits, even considered to be the actual forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Yet, this delightfully sweet, juicy fruit is also a nutrient powerhouse of fibre, amino acids and Vitamin B6 which are vital for those all-important energy levels.



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