Dad takes on Machete Armed Robbers

David Pugh, 55, was asleep when the men stormed into his home armed with machetes and demanded cash.  They started attacking his teenage son and 20-week-old puppy with the machetes, baseball bats and golf clubs.  But David leapt to action, fighting off the masked men with his bare hands, before they eventually left with nothing. Graphic photos show the extent of his injuries in the ten minute face off, with blood dripping from his head onto his chest.

David was left with a broken nose in the violent assault at 3am on Tuesday morning in the village of Catherine-de-Barnes in Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom. ‘By the time I got out of bed, totally naked, I was approaching the door and it was kicked in. There was four or five guys on the landing in balaclavas,’ David said. ‘I grabbed the first couple I could and it turned into a brawl and a battle. ‘I just grabbed what I could and hit them with aftershave bottles and chairs.’ David, who is trained in Israeli self-defence combat Krav Maga, said ‘instinct took over’ when he saw his 17-year-old +son and Rottweiler puppy Zeus being attacked.

machete attack








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