The Walking Dead Comic Outsold all Marvel Comics

The 175th issue of the The Walking Dead comic series outsold all of Marvel’s January releases, creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed. While The Walking Dead may be more widely known as an AMC television show, the property started life in printed form back in 2003 at Image Comics under creators Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Impressively, the series is still going strong and released issue 176 earlier this month.

The 175th installment marked the first part of The Walking Dead‘s “ New World Order ” arc which takes place several stories ahead of where the TV adaptation currently resides. The issue saw a group consisting of Michonne, Eugene and Siddiq, along with newcomers Magna, Yumiko and the hilarious “Princess” arrive at a huge, newly discovered community called The Commonwealth. The group is harshly interrogated by arrogant interviewer Lance and threatened with death if they do not comply. Although initially unsure about the Commonwealth’s intentions, Michonne soon discovers that a loved one she had long presumed dead was living inside the vast settlement.


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