Most Anticipated Video Game 2018

This was an article I found on and thought it was interesting as it features readers from all over the world.

Readers reveal which new video games they’re most looking forward to this year, from Red Dead Redemption II to Spider-Man. Since this is the first Hot Topic of the new year there was only one obvious question to ask: what 2018 video game are you looking forward to the most? Normally that’s a fairly straightforward question, but so far less games than usual have been officially confirmed for 2018. That only made it even easier for Red Dead Redemption II to get the most nods, although there was also plenty of interest in smaller titles such as Yakuza 6 and Valkyria Chronicles 4. Games like Bayonetta 3 and The Last Of Us Part II also got plenty of mentions, but whether they’ll actually come out this year only time will tell…

red dead



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