Dangerous “Tide Pod Challenge”

DOCTORS have urged teenagers not to take part in the dangerous ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ that has swept the internet or risk becoming seriously ill. The new craze that has swept the internet sees young people gorging on the colorful capsules that are generally used to wash clothes. Hundreds of videos began popping up online over the past year showing teens popping the detergent pods into their mouths, drinking the liquid and even cooking with them. The appeal of the unusual trend is believed to be purely aesthetic. Many brands of washing capsules, especially Tide ones, are filled with colorful liquids making the pouches resemble sweets.

Worried doctors, parents and even manufacturers are pleading with impressionable youngsters to stop eating the laundry liquid. The substances inside these pods are highly poisonous and pose serious health risks if they are ingested. Even a small amount of the highly-concentrated liquid detergent can cause diarrhea, vomiting and breathing difficulties. At their worst, they can even lead to death.

tide pod

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