The Shocking Ingredients in Cocaine

The nasty chemicals that go into the powder loved by the rich and famous may shock you. In a shocking clip taken from Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine which aired on ITV  in Britain last week, the bellowing blonde reveals all.

Packed with cement and battery acid, this makes clear the extent that casual users are taking their lives into their hands.

1. Chop coca leaves and mix with cement


The leaves are then thrown into a giant pit and smothered in cement.

2. Add sulphuric acid

Add a large glug of sulphuric acid – at this point, Ramsay’s eyes are “burning”.

Pop it all in a barrel, douse with petrol and leave to marinate.

3. Splash of battery juice

After a couple of hours, you add a splash of battery acid and filter out the clear cocaine liquid forming at the bottom of the barrel.

Last of all, bicarbonate of soda is added before it is left to simmer.

4. Add bicarbonate of soda

The soda powder helps separate the cocaine from the chemical mix, and gives it a white color.

What’s left in a pot resembles cocaine that will be packaged up and sent across the world, making dealers super rich.

What’s left resembles cocaine



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