Most Tattooed Man

The 58-year-old painter and decorator, Paul Allen,  from north Tyneside, UK said only the soles of his feet and skin in between his fingers are free of designs. Paul, who claims he’s the most tattooed man, how he became hooked on going under the needle after getting his first tattoo in 2008 – following his mother’s death. He said: “I got simple Chinese writing on my upper arm of mine and my niece’s and nephew’s names. “I then got the bug and then it just started. I have visited 25 studios, mainly in the North East, but I’ve had tattoos done in Doncaster, Hastings and when on holiday in Cyprus, Corfu and Crete.” His colorful collection of 810 tattoos is made up of 496 designs, 314 random names after sitting for over 1,000 hours. “Most people ask about my private parts, and yes I have a lighthouse tattooed there. I had to do the tattoo myself”

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