Couple Opens “Pizza Boat” in Caribbean

AN adventurous couple decided to quit their jobs to live out their dream – to open a pizza-serving boat in the sparkling Caribbean. Tara, 34, and Sasha Bouis, 40, originally from Indiana and Manhattan respectively, serve their delicious pizzas in paradise every day and have seen their team grow to a crew of ten. Not only has their business, which is called Pizza Pi, flourished, but they have even been voted the top restaurant in the area on TripAdvisor.

Before working on their tasty dream, Tara had worked as a school teacher and Sasha had been on Wall Street. They met in the British Virgin Islands, where Tara taught scuba lessons during the summer, and for the next eight years they operated a private chartered yacht business together. One night they were moored up in St Thomas enjoying a stunning sunset, and felt that the only way the scene could be improved was with a slice of pizza – and thus the idea was born.

The couple scraped together and forked out for 37-foot sailing/motorboat called Pagan, which had been abandoned for 10 years. Sasha, who is a mechanical engineer by trade, set about to transform the boat into a commercial-grade pizza kitchen, which wouldn’t serve as a home in order to comply with health department requirements. It took two years and lots of YouTube tutorials, a cooking course, but in 2014, Pizza Pi was launched. Three years down the line and the team have gone from selling 20 pizzas a day, five days a week, to being a crew of ten selling up to 90 pizzas a day, seven days a week.


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