Young Man Faces 3 Yrs in Jail in Dubai for Accidentally Bumping into a Man

Jamie Harron has already spent three months fighting charges and has been left jobless and penniless because of what he called a “cultural misunderstanding”.  As he faces public indecency trial on Sunday, Jamie, from Stirling in Scotland, said: “I am really stunned that it has gone that far.” His ordeal began when he stopped off in the Emirate state in July for a two day trip on his way to a job in Afghanistan. The sparky was having a drink with friends at the Rock Bottom Bar in Dubai — a popular venue for young people in the Tecom area of the city.

Jamie and his friend had bought their first drink in the crowded bar when he placed his hand on the hip of man to ensure they didn’t bump and spill their drinks. Police turned up and arrested Jamie who says he was jailed with no idea of the charge. He said a prosecutor later told him that he had been charged with drinking alcohol and “public indecency”. Jamie denies this latter charge, claiming his only intention was to avoid spilling a drink.


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