Stranger Things game available for Download

With the arrival of  Stranger Things season 2 imminent, Netflix has launched a new mobile game to let fans experience the horrors of Hawkins. As Halloween approaches, so too do new episodes of Stranger Things. After the events of last season, the status quo has changed, and a big new monster is on the way . Promotion has also been in full swing for the show, with promos and posters arriving at a steady clip.

Ahead of the release of the upcoming season of Stranger Things, we’ve seen a glimpse of the new and returning characters thanks to new images from the show . Though not much has been revealed about the plot of the episodes, we know a few things. For one, Barb’s parents will arrive as part of the show’s commitment to giving the character justice. We’ll also see a lot more references to the ’80s, something that’s at the forefront of a novel new piece of marketing.

A new Stranger Things mobile game has been added to the Apple and Google app stores, allowing fans to take control of their favorite characters and explore the mysteries of Hawkins.

stranger things

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