Man Eats only Potatoes for a Year and loses Weight

Back in the heady, carb-loving days of 2016, Andrew Flinders Taylor announced the launch of the Spud Fit project, which would see him eating only potatoes for a full year.

Andrew stated that he would eat three kilograms of potatoes daily, choosing both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes to get in all his necessary iron and vitamins, and would not be using any oils to cook his food.  Amazingly, one year later, Andrew hasn’t just survived a potato-only diet – he’s lost 110lbs, just from his potato diet and around an hour each day spent cycling. According to regular checks from his GP, Andrew’s health is perfectly fine, too, thanks to making sure he got in his fibre from eating potato skins, using calcium-fortified soy milk to mash his potatoes, and throwing in sweet potatoes to get the recommended daily dose of vitamin A and E.








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