Belgian Couple Travel the World Naked

Lins and Nick’s encounters with naturism began about eight years ago – after dabbling with nude spas in their mid-twenties, the pair took the plunge into full-on naturism when they visited a crowded campsite in Luxembourg.  ‘It was loud, full of people, and not really what we were looking for,’ they tell us. ‘At the back of the camp we noticed a naturist part which was all peace and quiet so we decided to try that out. ‘And since then we’re completely sold to naturism.’ Still, that wasn’t enough to slake their thirst. And eventually Nick and Lins decided to don backpacks and travel the world, writing about their experiences along the way – and hopefully providing a much-needed service to boot. ‘We started our blog about nine months before we hit the road,’ they explain. ‘The main reason was to show people that naturism is something for everyone, not just for a bunch of old hippies or perverts. ‘We noticed that most of the available online info was either completely outdated or very patronising or with a huge list of stupid rules.’

So far Nick and Lins have mostly travelled through Balkan countries where nudity is generally accepted – although it’s still frowned upon in Albania, meaning the pair had to be careful that no one saw them when they went for a skinny dip.

‘Our main objective,’ say Nick and Lins, ‘is to take naturism out of the shadows and to make nudity less sexualised and more accepted – and to show people that it’s actually a fun thing to do and that a human body is nothing to be ashamed of.’


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