Man Films Himself Dying, Letting lack Mamba Bite him

Russia snake handler Arslan Valeev asked viewers to contact his ex-wife Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina after showing them what looked like a bite wound on his hand.

The 31-year-old blogger, who ran YouTube channel BobCat TV with his former partner, visibly deteriorated on camera before walking off-screen where he collapsed. Earlier he had stepped away from the stream and could be heard saying ‘ouch’ as the snake bit him. At least one viewer is believed to have called emergency services, which later arrived but were unable to save him. In the live stream, his breathing becomes more rapid and his eyes begin to roll into the back of his head. He tells his audience: ‘Pass on to Katya that I loved her very much,’ before moving his hand towards the camera. ‘Beautiful, isn’t it? Oh, damn, how it… Bye to everyone… I can’t believe it is happening to me…’ He later read out his wife’s contact number before adding:’I’m already dying. Farewell. I would be glad to see Katya. Damn, I’m shaking.’




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