Fidget Spinner Porn

To each their own, but fidget spinner porn? C’mon, people. Alas, news broke on Monday that Pornhub is reporting a rise in searches for fidget spinner-related erotica on its website, perhaps bringing mankind to a new level of insanity. (Here are some more crazy sex kinks you can read about.) “In just over 10 days, there were 2.5 million Fidget Spinner searches on Pornhub,” the porn site said, “making it the top trending term and 5th most popular search in May!” What even is fidget spinner porn? Mashable notes that there are a number of joke videos associated with the term, as well as fairly unimaginative additions to the site’s library, such as, “Dank Fidget Spinner on Hot Ass,” which is just a fidget spinner spinning away on someone’s butt. Cool.


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