Beat Cellulite in Seconds

A host of products and wacky gimmicks – from detox diets and green tea patches to miracle ‘cellulite melting’ knickers – are out there which claim to tackle orange peel thighs. But, according to one skincare specialist, there’s a much cheaper and more effective way of beating the lumps and bumps – and you’ll need just two ingredients from your kitchen cupboard.

Skin therapist Nataliya Robinson, who treats countless A-listers, told FEMAIL that making a mask using bicarbonate of soda and Manuka honey is the most effective way to banish the unsightly dimples. Discussing the simple solution she swears by, she explained: ‘Massaging the legs with honey will improve the blood circulation and promote lymphatic flow. ‘The soda will naturally exfoliate the skin, whilst the honey will moisturize the skin on the body.

Sharing her guide to making the scrub yourself at home, Nataliya explains that you should take one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, mix them together either in a small bowl or just in your hands (this can be done just before you take a shower, or at the same time). Next add a little water to dilute the consistency. Massage intensively, focusing especially on your legs, thighs, stomach and arms for about 2-3 minutes until the problem areas become smooth and flushed. Then apply honey on your legs where cellulite is visible and start slapping your legs for about 4-7 minutes.  She says it will improve the blood flow and will soften the appearance of the cellulite. ‘Just be careful to not overdo it as it can cause broken capillaries if you apply too much pressure,’ she notes.




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